Website Accessibility

The new sites meets the current accessibility legislation and the standards set by the Ghana Equality Act

The site also complies with guidelines and appropriate validation standards:

CSS 3.0
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Priority 1 & 2 (A)

The site supports the following additional accessibility features:

– High contrast (between foreground text/background colours)
– Site Search
– Scalable Fonts (ability to scale text via browser)

The website has also been tested across the following browsers:


  • Internet Explorer 10 (video playback is not supported on this browser though)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox (Latest version)
  • Chrome (Latest version)

Mac OS:

  • Safari (Latest version)
  • Firefox (Latest version)
  • Chrome (Latest version)


  • Safari on iOS
  • Chrome on Android

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