Businessman Evans Ghartey is backing the team to beat Hearts of Oak in the Ghana Premier League match on Saturday, promising the players a massive financial reward if they manage to achieve the feat.

The Chief Executive of Tarkwa-based EvanexGold Enterprise is a key supporter of the Mauve and Yellow.

The club has embarked on widespread engagements with principal stakeholders of the club in a bid to shore up the support base of the team.

The club visited the astute business tycoon and presented the newest replica jersey to him.

“This is a very important match for us and we look forward to a fantastic time against Hearts of Oak on Saturday,” Ghartey told

“I have promised the entire team from management to playing body GHs 10,000 if they win against Hearts.

“I have absolute confidence in the team to deliver success. It is definitely not going to be walk in the park but we have enough quality to dispatch them.”

Ghartey is a renowned businessman who is the owner of a wide range of companies.

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